TAMU WAN/TTVN Network Monitoring

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Customer Site Status and Utilization

TTVN/WAN MRTG Graphs (Authorized IP's Only. Request access from WAN)

NOC Xymon BigBrother

TTVN PerfSonar

TTVN Netflow


TTVN WAN Support and Help Desk

  Outages and Critical Issues

       Call (979)845-8437 or (979)458-1152

  Assistance and Questions

       Send an Email to 'WAN @ TTVN.TAMUS.EDU'

  Problems and Changes

       TAMU Help Desk Central.
       Open a ServiceNow Ticket under Network/Internet Connectivity/WAN

Problem and Outage reporting
First check the WAN graphs to see if the problem was detected.
Make sure you provide Ping and Traceroute reports, "SHOW" status of local equipment, description of problem and time the problem occurred when reporting a problem involving outages, 'slowness', degraded service etc.

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